Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Basement remains unreachable

Despite having the key to the basement door, the basement and the time machine remain unreachable.

The key is in my possession, yet I can’t go down there.

I am not sure why.

It is as if some sort of invisible barrier stops me in the lobby and prevents me from going towards the basement door, key in hand.

So many times have I turned back just before the door, almost unconsciously, and I find myself climbing the stairs, like an automaton, back to my apartment.

Last night, as I reached my floor, I heard the soft click of a door closing, on the landing below. I peered over the balustrade and quietly called hello.


I have reached the decision to keep the key on my person at all times now.


Ellen DeGeneres

I dislike Ellen DeGeneres.

She really irritates me.

No end!

Strange thing is…

I spent the previous week searching for clues in the apartment – where they came in, how they got out and what the hell they did in between.

But there’s not a single trace. Nothing to show that they were actually in the apartment and nothing to indicate what they were looking for.

Towards the end of the week, I began to think it had all been a strange dream, some waking moment where fiction and reality blur into subconscious fact.

But then I found the key. Hanging neatly with my front door set, on the key rack beside my Samuel Heath mirror.

The basement key.

The strange thing is, the grey plastic key tag has the name “Bruce” written on it.