It May Have Begun

I am not sure what this means, but I feel that it may have begun…

I awoke in the pre-dawn hours this morning and found them in my apartment.


There were three of them in my room, all dressed in white, going through my cupboards and drawers.

On the chair, in the corner beside the window, sat one. The blind one I ran into in the lobby the night Bruce went missing. He sat quietly, cane between his knees, hands folded across the top. He looked directly at me and smiled.

I reached to switch on the bedside lamp, but he softly shook his head and put his right index finger to his lips.

From the living room I heard furniture moving, cupboard doors being opened, items being shifted. Presently a fourth one came into the bedroom and put his lips to the blind one’s ear. I heard soft mumbling, but no audible words reached me.

He nodded and stood up. Again he put his index finger to his lips and with the others, quietly left the room, like ghosts before the dawn.

It was then that I moved – hit the light switch, bolted from the bed and ran into the living room.


They were gone. The living room looked as it always did. Everything in its right place.

I now know that I need to find Bruce!


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