First Sighting and how Nicholas Cage ruined my afternoon.

I am convinced I saw Bruce yesterday afternoon.

I had just doffed my hat at a man I thought to be Nicholas Cage, when I saw him (Bruce, not Mr Cage) exiting Sammy J’s Hong Kong Restaurant (Speedy Service Guaranteed) with a bag of take away in his left hand.

I called out to him and waved, but as I did so, the Cage look-alike told me to sod off.

And that, I am afraid, can not go unpunished.

So I kicked him squarely in the shins with my scuffed John Lobbs and bolted into the afternoon foot traffic that this city never seems to shake.

Of course Cage is a pratt and could only follow me for less than half a block before he gave up the chase, but he caused me to lose sight of Bruce.

Ultimately, all this serves to do, is reinforce my utter dislike for Nicholas Cage.

Sod off indeed! Moron!


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