Monthly Archives: October 2011

Something has happened.

Something strange has happened.

I awoke, sometime in the early hours to a ripping sound, as if the fabric of time itself was being torn apart.

The Time Machine!

I rushed downstairs, losing one slipper on the 1st floor landing and in the lobby almost ran smack into one of them.

A Day Walker!

He was coming from the basement, a smug smile on his face. I noticed that he walked with a slight limp and a white cane.


Whether he sensed me or felt me, I will not know, but he carried on walking across the lobby and out the glass doors onto the quiet street beyond.

Tap Tap Tap.

I tried the basement door. It was locked.

I shouted after him, but he was gone, as if he had simply melted into the approaching dawn outside.

It was then that I realised that Bruce, our doorman was missing.



Events during Last Night

There was a scratching on my door last night.

The hall light was on outside on the landing, but I saw no shadows slipping into my apartment from under the door.

It was a rhythmic scratching, nails on wood, for about 5 minutes and then it stopped. No footsteps away from the door, no voices, only a silence that filled the apartment.

A silence more terrifying than the scratching itself.

I slept with the light on.