Monthly Archives: April 2011


I found myself, late last night, beneath the street light Рthe one under which the man had placed his brown work shoes as he floated away into  the night sky with outstretched arms.

I stood there looking up at the light as a fine drizzle fell, the tiny drops like a million dust motes lit up by the orange glow, being drawn to the wet earth by the ageless pull of gravity. I saw nothing, heard no soft comforting voices calling out to me, felt no strong hands reaching down for me.

Water collected in my hair and began to run down my face, dripping from my chin. I could smell the ocean in the air and heard the distant dull crush of tide upon a dark and empty beach.

Later, as I lay in bed, I wondered if perhaps, the fine drizzle was not the man being delivered, returned back to this place, his soul scattered in a million tiny drops of water.


I run like a girl – fast and away.

I saw the young Belieber from upstairs, late last night, in an alley way 3 blocks from home.

She was standing next to an early 1980’s Pontiac Trans Am, metallic red, 15″ wheels, no plates.

I saw a hand reach out from the interior of the car and she handed over something, then with the other hand, receive a small packet.

Along side those sick fucks; paedophiles, there is nothing I hate more than drug dealers, specially in my neck of the woods. So I shouted – HEY!!!

I saw the Belieber hesitate and look in my direction, but she put the packet into her back pants pocket and walk away down the alley. At the same time, the Trans Am’s passenger door opened and a leg appeared.

To be honest, I expected a squeal of tyres, red brake lights and the smell of exhaust fumes as the pusher made good his escape. Instead, I was about to be confronted. This was not how it “goes down” on NYPD Blues.

So I did what any concerned citizen would do: I ran as fast as my brown John Lobb’s could carry my concerned citizen’s feet.

A block away I heard a shout.

– Hey, fucker! You run like a girl.

I may run like a girl, asshole, but at least you couldn’t catch me.