Monthly Archives: March 2011


From my window, I saw a man last night, float away into the night sky.

Just floated right out of his brown work shoes and with his arms above his head, as if reaching out to strong hands stretched down towards him, calling him, he slipped the bonds of gravity and was lost above the orange glow of the street lamp.

Before I lost sight of him, I saw his mouth moving. Not shouting, just talking. As if he knew.

I went down stairs and fetched his shoes.

Later that night, I returned them to the street light. What if he came back and found his shoes were missing.

They were gone in the morning. I checked as soon as I awoke.

Perhaps he did return.


The Resistance is Gathering

Things are accelerating, changing. Events are happening faster than I predicted they would.

I see them more regularly now. In the library, on benches at the park, on the bus.

They are getting bolder, venturing further out into the day, into the sunlight without their hats and sun screen.

More and more day walkers abroad.

They watch us with those pale blue-white eyes, watching how we move through the mornings and afternoons, learning our habits, our secrets, so that soon, we will not be able to tell the difference between them and us.

The resistance is gathering. I feel it.

The end is near.