Monthly Archives: February 2011

The single point against Singularity

I met a man at the Council, who mentioned that in about forty or so years, man and machine will have merged into a single entity, a singular superintelligent organism in fact, a situation of technological singularity.

It would be an event that reshaped and redirected the future in an altogether new and exciting form and direction. Man would live on forever, through time and space, all the dimensions contained within the universe and perhaps the next.

We would be able to pass beyond and exist above the earthly limitations set by our bodies and minds.


It chilled me to the bone.

I do want to die someday.

I must.

I have experienced things that exist only in memory now, things that shape my dreams and thoughts, my journey and footsteps. I have seen too much to let it continue forever. At some point, I fear that it may all overwhelm me. The knowledge that I can never close my eyes and slip into the dark, away from this life and the anger that it holds tight, but will be bound to my experiences and wounds, even after our sun has dimmed, leaves me cold.