The prejudices you may meet when…

So, there I was walking to work,  after being booted from the bus (for trying to pay with an Irish Punt), when I met the “Pakistani Problem” playing cricket.

He said his name was Yousaf Aziz and that, apart from being a fast bowler, he semi owned a Fish & Chipper shop which sold mostly curry and rice.

Of course.

His cousin and his cousin’s father in-law and his brother’s wife’s brother also sort of semi owned the Fish & Chipper.

Actually, his cousin was, like Yousaf, also a fast bowler, but he was hesitant to discuss that issue, for fear, so he said, of being implicated in a possible betting scandal.

Of course.

I asked Yousaf why, in the name of the blessed Queen and all her airs and graces, did the Fish & Chipper sell mostly curry.

His response almost blew me out my John Lobbs, to say the least – Well, we give the people what they want, using the most accessable vehicle to attain our goals.

Of course.

But I can forgive him. After all, he never flew his plane into the World Trade Centre.

And he plays cricket.


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