I had a dream (Not Martin Luther King Junior’s sort, though)

Last night, I had a dream, and in my dream I was trapped in a maze of never-ending stairs and doors with no door knobs and landings that kept on going up and up and up.

On every landing I would find an emery board like some clue left behind by some part of my subjective subconsciousness and I would be compelled to take the set of stairs that it pointed towards, in the desperate hope of finding some sort of escape.

But each new set of stairs took me further and further from where I started from.

Every now & then, I would hear a laugh, a female laugh, except that it wasn’t and each time the laugh grew louder and louder. But I could never tell from whence it was coming.

At one door, I found a pair of old red nylon bloomers bunched up and shoved into the key hole and as I reached for them, they were sucked back through the hole, as if tugged by some demented pervert. I stooped down to look through the lock. My own eye looked back at me.

Eventually, I reached what seemed to be the top of the stair well – a door at the very end, but again, there was no door knob. I heard banging and shouting from the other side. I wanted to call out, but no words came. The door began to buckle and I could see light through the cracks. I stepped back.

As the door was about to burst, I awoke to an early dawn.

Leaving for work, I discovered that my apartment door was slightly ajar.

And my Eagles cd was missing.

Talk about an inception.


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