My name is Luka

I heard shouting late last night. Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight – A loud butch female voice (from what I could gather – belonging to a Danni) and my first thoughts went to Luka. (Yes, the original single released in 1987 & not the torrid Spanish version)

Except Jeanie (how typical) lives on the 5th floor, upstairs from me. Actually, I do think that I may have seen her before, or at least her name at the buzzer outside.

Jeanie and Danni.

And one of them, I’m assuming Jeanie, drew a heart after their names.

I initially wanted to call the coppers, in the event that things turned nasty and one of them, again presumably Jeanie, ended up on the end of a sharpened emery board, but my valour got the better of me.

Imagine the fuzz arriving late at night to be greeted by the message:

“GOT PUSSY?                              DIDN”T THINK SO”

written in a purple magic marker. Of course after much deliberation with them upstairs, the next knock would be on my door.

– ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello and what ‘ave we ‘ere then?

– Feck off Mr Policeman, I’m ‘avin a luvely dream.

That wont work, I’m sure. No.

So I closed my eyes and thought of that little lovely little Spanish girl, Penélope Cruz.

Callous, I know, but one does what one must. That is all.


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