A Welcome Note (Of Sorts)

This is my greatest endeavour yet in the brief, but aggressive war against upstairs.

I have purchased the following:

  1. A door sized piece of white card-board;
  2. A roll of masking tape and
  3. A purple magic marker.

The idea is to write on both sides of the card-board, the words:

“GOT PUSSY?                          DIDN’T THINK SO!”

Then, with the masking tape, tape up the note, as it were, to the outer door frame of the skag’s front door, bang the bell (hard) and bolt back to the sanctuary of my apartment below.

Before departing on my mission, I intend putting on the Eagle’s Hotel California and exiting the apartment during the second verse. That way, they will think I am still air-guitaring, which I intend doing upon my return. So no falsities there.

But why write on both sides of the card-board, you ask – well, its simple really.

If they are out at the time of the strike, they certainly will get the message when they come home.

Fantastic, ain’t it?


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