The Let Down

So, there I was, precariously perched on my Fading Chair from Nendo reaching for a tin of tuna from the top shelf, when I heard it:

The quick schlap schlap of wide, unsexy flat soled slip-on shoes (typical) smacking the stairs.

Being a man of certain sportiness and agility, I made a dash for the door (thereby nearly knocking over an almost full glass of Pims) so as to catch them in flagrante delictio, as it were. But the schlap schlap had already disappeared upstairs behind the subtle click of a door.

Left behind, however, was their response: a 30 x 60 cm poster with the words –


scrawled across the white paper.

Nothing more.

In the end, after the excitement and adrenaline had worn off, I must admit that I was slightly saddened by their actions.

After all, I have always believed that lesbians were the more creative of the gay fraternity.

Perhaps I was wrong


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