The Reply

My first response to the scissor sisters above reads as follows:

“Enough with the Jagged Little Pill, Skags!!!”

I know that skag is not a word (strictly speaking, of course), but could not think of something more appropriate. And in any event, “Twat” was already taken by the Skags upstairs.

I slipped the note under their door late last night then dashed back to the relative safety of my apartment below. Initially, I was going to bang on my ceiling with a broom handle, but decided that it would seem to obvious. And in any event, they may not even be home, being lesbians and all.

I did, however, roll up an old Holiday Inn towel and jam it at the bottom of my door, thus preventing the postage of any replication from above. Clever, I know.

I now sit and wait, listening for a noise at the door.

It’s just like “Stakeout”, except I am not about to fall in love with either of the skags above.


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